Every year, the issue of provision of quality, clean and fresh food for customers becomes increasingly important. Our Company’s approach to the solution of this issue turned to be unusual, and its result is original. ADAM project was presented after continuous laboratory research and tests. Use of modern technologies and technical solutions allowed to create automated system designed to make a revolution in greenhouse business!


Process Automation

Automated control system based on industrial controller ALPHA 2 manufactured by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC performs engine (speed of rotation) monitoring, lighting control, preparation of the nutrient solution and maintenance of the desired pH level, EC, its temperature control and supply to the tray, temperature and humidity control inside the unit, carbon dioxide flow control, and on-line video recording of the plant growth process.

GSM-communication unit embedded into the remote control ensures operator’s communication with the controller. It can be controlled from the PC or from the cell phone by sending command SMS-messages. Change of the controller’s software does not require direct connection between computer and controller. Complete change of the software can be carried out using the GSM-modem, which allows to make changes to the unit control system within the shortest possible period of time.

Human factor is minimized at the operation of ADAM automated unit. Participation of people (staff) is necessary at the initial seeds bedding and when harvesting crops, as well as during the planned maintenance. In this case, it is possible to combine use of unit with an automatic sowing line, automatic conveyor unit, and crop harvesting conveyor.

Automated complex ADAM was the basis for development of a completely new type of hydroponic system – EVA. The main difference between EVA and ADAM is the lack of sodium HPS lamps, external technological elements, and low power consumption. Transportability of EVA unit, its protection against harmful effects of the environment and possibility to apply alternative energy sources, such as solar panels, allow to use it in difficult climatic conditions.